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Tourism @ Murud Janjira
Imagine a place close to the Metropolis of Mumbai where time actually slows down, Nature surrounds you. Murud Janjira is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family & to escape from the hustle bustle of the City.

The main highlight of Murud Janjira is it's unexplored & virgin beaches which provide you with the blue water experience you always wanted to see & feel. Whether it's lazing around at the beaches or collecting Sea Shells or looking at the splendid view of the sunset, Murud Janjira is the destination to unwind. 

Tourist Destinations in and around Murud Janjira
Murud Janjira Fort
One cannot leave Murud without visiting the great Janjira fort. A black mass of impregnable rock, Janjira fort leaves one awestruck. A stone carving at the main entrance depicts six elephants trapped by a single tiger-a symbol of the bravery of the Sidis. Once the fort boasted of five hundred canons, today only a handful are left, still intact and able to tell their story. Amongst them are the three major cannons, Kalal Bangdi, Landakasam and Bhavani, the cherished weapons of the Sidis, built from five metals.

At one time when the village had no drinking water, miraculously there flourished inside the fort in the middle of the sea, two sweet water lakes. These lakes still exist.

Tour to Murud All the people living inside the fort moved out after 1959 and settled in Ekdara village, close to Murud, and it is their claim that Janjira Fort was founded by one of their Hindu ancestors of the Koli tribe called Rambhau Patil towards the end of the 14th century. Yet controversy rages as to the founder and no conclusive proof exists.

Unlike other beaches located on flat land, in Murud the beach is found at the foot of the hills. One stands on a vast expanse of sand stretching into miles, without seeing a soul. There is a compelling force about its bleakness, and a majesty about the waters.

This is where the weekender has his tipsy moments in complete privacy and where families find themselves drawn closer together. Hawkers have not yet destroyed its serenity, five star hotels have not commercialized it. Murud is untouched and unspoilt as yet.

Carambi Dharan (Dam)
About four km from Murud is Carambi Dharan (Dam), which is also a picnic spot. It provides clean water through pipes to Murud throughout the year channeled from its natural springs.
Datta Mandir (Temple)
To the right of Murud village is Datta Mandir (temple) atop a hill. Steps lead up to this 300-year-old temple. This picturesque spot offers a special view of the sea.
Siddhivinayak Temple
Around eight km form Murud is a holy spot, with a Sidhi Vinayak Temple of the Hindu deity Lord Ganapati.
Alkapuri Picnic Spot
Alkapuri at a distance of three-four km from Murud is a picnic spot favored for its lush green vegetation.
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