Sea Shell Resorts
Accommodation @ Sea Shell Resorts
At Sea Shell Resorts we understand the reason why a Visitor comes to us. Total Relaxation & Complete Delight is what we offer to all our Visitors. We ensure that Hygiene is maintained at all times in all areas of our Resort. We intend to be a step ahead in terms of Hygine, unlike other Hotels where Hygiene is not prioritized. All the facilities in the Rooms provided by us are checked on a regular basis to ensure proper working of the same.

We have 2 types of Rooms available for our Visitors details of which are mentioned below. Despite Load Shedding / Electricity problems in the State of Maharashtra, Equipments like, Air Conditioner's. Television, Lights, Fans etc. in the Rooms in our Resort are fully functional.

Apart from the features our Rooms have a special Highlight, which being the view of the Ocean from each Room in our Resort. In our Resort you get a private excusive view of the Beach & you can enjoy the mesmerizing Sunset views of the Arabian Ocean, listen to the Waves singing in the night & rediscover your Holidays all over again.

Room Types
Standard Room Without Air Conditioning Single / Double Occupancy
Deluxe Room With Air Conditioning Single / Double Occupancy
Group Room With / Without Air Conditioning Single / Double Occupancy
Photos of Resort Rooms
Below are some of the Photographs of our Resort Rooms, Click on the Photos to view it's full size.
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